100% natural and original Belgian champagne beer

Have you ever tasted a Dame Jeanne brut beer?

Whether you are a confirmed beer lover and determined to try all Belgian beers or exclusively fond of the timeless elegance of Champagne, Cava or Prosecco, etc. ... we are willing to bet that Dame Jeanne champagne beer will pleasantly surprise you.

Our brut beers combine typical Belgian hop flavours with the lightness, freshness and elegant pearly bubbles of the traditional champagnes and sparkling wines. Both beer and wine lovers will appreciate the balanced tastes, because there’s one thing that our brut beers have in common: they are particularly light and refreshing. 

What’s more, we are specialised in riddling and de-yeasting (remuage & dégorgement) beer, fully in keeping with the "méthode traditionelle". That makes Dame Jeanne brut beers exceedingly suited to be served as a surprising yet neutral aperitif for any occasion.

" Dame Jeanne is surprising, tasty ... and local!"

Why is the Dame Jeanne champagne beer so special?

  • an exclusively regional product;
  • bottled, clarified and de-yeasted in keeping with the traditional method;
  • 100% natural ingredients for true-to-nature aroma and taste;
  • made with basic local Belgian beers and converted into champagne in Belgium;
  • produced in a socio-economic zone in a socially responsible manner; 
  • the fresh and fruity taste and pearly bubbles convince both beer and wine lovers alike.

Do you wonder how we can achieve all of this?
Click here to discover the life story, vision and special production process of Dame Jeanne.

List of the Dame Jeanne brut beers

Brut d'Anvers

Dry and fruity flavours are in perfect equilibrium in the Brut d’Anvers, which means that you can serve this pearly bubbly drink anywhere and any time. This brut beer was also awarded various international prizes!

Brut d'Anvers Rozat

The Brut d’Anvers Rozat is characterized by its complex and fruity character.
The striking balanced combination of sweet, sour and bitter never ceases to amaze.

Brut sur Lie

The Brut sur Lie starts with touches of apple and pink grapefruit, develops into more exotic fruit tastes such as peach and apricot and ultimately ends with a typical bitter hop-like after-taste.

Give an original bottle as a gift...

The Dame Jeanne brut beers are perfectly suited for tasting at home but these traditionally made regional products are also keenly appreciated as gifts. We have already compiled a few standard gift packs but will also consider personalised business gifts.    

Would you like more information or a tasting session in your company?

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