Getting to know Dame Jeanne

About our craftsmanship

Transforming beer into a tasty fizzy aperitif is no mean matter. At Dame Jeanne we know this only too well, because we have specialized specifically in riddling and de-fermenting brut beers in keeping with the traditional method (méthode champenoise). 

Champagning beer is an extremely precise process and most brewers said we were crazy to even try. After all, these brut beers with their re-fermentation in the bottle ferment double the amount of sugars as usual, which means that there is a substantial increase in the risk of exploding bottles. Therefore, this is a challenge par excellence and one requiring a good dose of skill, knowledge and patience.

We have known how to produce sparkling wines for some time now. As a matter of fact, we used to make sparkling wines at Dame Jeanne and even gave workshops on the subject. However, in 2012 we decided to switch to producing brut beers. For this purpose, we sought the advice of the oenological centre for Champagne in Epernay and brewer Marc Struyf of Den Triest microbrewery in Kapelle-op-den-Bos and subsequently experimented for many years before we popped the first bottle.

Carefully thought-out recipes

Not only the production process but also the careful selection of hop and types of yeast determine the aromas and tastes of our brut beers. We try to put the typical tastes of sparkling wines in the beer by means of a carefully considered selection of ingredients, yet without repressing the typical beer and hop taste. 

The use of natural champagne yeast also plays an important role. This is what makes the pearly bubbles in the drink, which results in an exceptional sensation. 

Therefore, we selected the types of hop and yeast for each of our brut beers extremely carefully and we also consciously opt for re-fermentation in the bottle for at least 3 months. This is the only way in which we can create an even balance between sparkling bubbles, taste complexity and roundedness, while still guaranteeing a slightly bitter after-taste.

A strong social commitment

We were compelled to go in search of a new production area in 2015. We quickly opted for the socio-economic zone Perron Noord in Brasschaat. At Dame Jeanne we strongly believe in the power of socially responsible entrepreneurship. 

A few steps in our production and packing process are done with the greatest of care by disabled people. Therefore, not only are the Dame Jeanne brut beers produced fully and traditionally in Belgium; they are also produced in a socially responsible manner!

Tip for an original outing

Come and taste the Dame Jeanne brut beers in café Perron Noord in Brasschaat. As a matter of fact, you can also combine this culinary pit stop with an original sporting activity. Rail cycling along the 10 kilometre-long historical railway line between Kapellen and Brasschaat takes you along beautiful scenery in nature and also directly to the military airport where café Perron Noord is located. In this way, you can combine an outing to a natural environment with a culinary discovery and you also support the social Perron Noord project.