100% natural, typically Belgian, boutique Brut Beers

Ready to surprise your guests with a special aperitif?

We Belgians are real beer lovers but we also buy great quantities of champagne, cava and other sparkling wines. So why not combine the best of 2 worlds into 1 special drink? 

At Dame Jeanne we transform basic tasty Belgian beers into pearly bubbly brut beers, which charm both beer and wine lovers alike. We do this by “champagning” the basic beers completely in keeping with the "méthode traditionnelle". Thanks to a controlled refermentation in the bottle by way of manual riddling and traditional de-yeasting, we produce sparkling fizzy aperitif beers, which you can proudly serve on any occasion. For example, you can spoil your guests’ taste buds with a 100% natural, authentic and traditionally produced local product. 

The Dame Jeanne Brut Beers range

Brut d

Brut d'Anvers

The dry and somewhat fruity Brut d’Anvers has been able to convince a great many international critics and beer connoisseurs. This aperitif is a fresh and fizzy appetizing drink, which has already won a substantial number of international prizes.

Brut d

Brut d'Anvers 'Rozat'

The Brut d’Anvers Rozat will undoubtedly pleasantly surprise you. This brut beer was brewed from black cherries and its element of surprise is created by its remarkable round character and the balanced combination of sweet, sour and bitter tastes. 

Brut sur Lie

Brut sur Lie

Need a festive aperitif for a stylish reception? The Brut sur Lie has a complex roundedness with a remarkable series of fresh tastes, yet a wonderful hoppy after-taste and subtle pearly bubbles.