Brut d'Anvers

Dame Jeanne - Brut d’Anvers

Small wonder that this was chosen as the best brut beer!

The many laudatory reviews and prizes that this drink has been awarded is reason enough to entitle us to refer to the Dame Jeanne Brut d’Anvers as a unique and delicious champagned beer. 

Beer connoisseur and author of various international beer guides, Derek Walsh, called the Brut d’Anvers the most champagne-like and best brut beer that he had ever tasted. This brut beer won first prize at the Modeste beer festival in Antwerp, and in 2014 the Brut d’Anvers was also pronounced to be the best brut beer at the Brussels Beer Challenge international beer competition. 

The original recipe of brewers Mark Struyf (Brewery Den Triest) and Patrick Theunissen (Dame Jeanne), which uses fruity hop varieties and various malts, is the underlying reason for this success. Controlled refermentation in the bottle, followed by riddling and the removal of the yeast by manual de-yeasting according to the "méthode champenoise" transform the exceptional basic beer into a tasty and pearly brut beer with a firm head. 

Fun facts about this Brut d?Anvers

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No added clarification products, clarified and de-fermented according to the traditional method by applying riddling and de-yeasting.
  • Basic beer brewed by Den Triest microbrewery, then champagned at Dame Jeanne.
  • Refermentation in the bottle for at least 3 months (with traditional champagne yeast) 
  • High fermentation beers with 9% alcohol content
  • This aperitif beer should be served cool at a temperature of between 4 °C and 6 °C, to be at its absolute best.
  • 75 cl Bottle

The complex taste of the Brut d’Anvers can best be described as dry, fruity and fresh. You will be able to recognise touches of citrus, grapefruit, apple, pear and lychee, which are then rounded off with a pleasantly bitter after-taste.

Food pairing

The Brut d’Anvers is wonderfully suited as an aperitif and perfectly matches the delicate taste of crustaceans and shellfish. Fantastic with oysters!


According to internationally renowned cheese ager, Michel Van Tricht, combining our Brut d’Anvers with Saint-Nicolas de la Dalmeire cheese is a real must. Read all about this perfect match in the book Vinken & Van Tricht – 50 bier & kaas combinaties (50 beer & cheese combinations). 

Would you also like to taste Brut d’Anvers some time?

You will find this pearly champagne beer at good quality off-licences in your area. Click here to discover where you can buy the Dame Jeanne beers.