Dame Jeanne - Brut sur Lie

A fresh and fruity aperitif beer for every occasion.

You can serve the bubbly brut beer, Dame Jeanne Brut sur Lie, anywhere and at any time. In particular, the Brut sur Lie is extremely well suited as an aperitif for an intimate dinner at home or as a festive opener for a reception, even though its range of tastes also fits in perfectly with a gastronomic meal. This fine brut beer will please both men and women alike and convince both beer and wine lovers. Its complex roundedness and surprising succession of different tastes make this Brut sur Lie a real crowd pleaser.

The natural aroma strikes one as soon as the bottle is opened. The Brut sur Lie does, after all, get its tastes from natural hop and various malts, which produce a distinct natural aroma. Then comes a soft and slightly bitter kick-off containing strikingly refreshing fruit tastes. Your taste buds will be able to identify touches of apple, pear and pink grapefruit. The taste then softens again and evolves towards one of riper and more exotic fruit such as peach and apricot, to conclude with a fine hoppy after-taste, which beer lovers, in particular, will greatly appreciate. 

Culinary enjoyment

The full fruity taste with fresh hints of apple, pear and grapefruit can be combined with distinct tastes. Thanks to its remarkable freshness, this brut beer is extremely well suited to be served as an aperitif beer with snacks that have distinct tastes such as tapas, pecorino cheese and Iberico ham.


Why not serve this Brut sur Lie as an aperitif for wedding and company receptions? This pearly drink will actually appeal to both wine and beer lovers. What?s more, you will be serving an exclusive, original and probably unexpected aperitif, which will undoubtedly be a talking point for some time to come. Moreover, the price is also particularly reasonable!

Other things you want to know about Brut sur Lie

Other things you want to know about Brut sur Lie

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Unpasteurised and unfiltered, re-fermentation (with champagne yeast) in the bottle for at least 3 months, and no clarification products added whatsoever.
  • The deposit (the Lie) of the champagne yeast creates the pearly bubbles and protects the drink against oxidation, which means that no preservatives need be added. 
  • High fermentation beers with 8.5% alcohol content
  • This drink tastes best if served cool at a temperature of between 4 °C and 6 °C.
  • 75 cl bottle with champagne cork and muselet (wire cage) 

Does this make your mouth water already?

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