No better gift than Belgian regional products

Have you thought of a Dame Jeanne as a gift?

We are truly proud of our typically Belgian regional products. These are renowned for their excellent taste far beyond our country’s borders. The Belgian beers are an excellent example. It is therefore not surprising that business gift packs of exclusive beers such as Dame Jeanne brut beers are in great demand.

Reasons why the Dame Jeanne brut beers are in such great demand and why they make exclusive gifts:

  • they are exclusive and original gifts available only in a limited number of shops;
  • you will charm both beer lovers and wine lovers with a Dame Jeanne beer gift;
  • Dame Jeanne beers are fully produced in our own country and are therefore typically Belgian regional products;
  • these authentic crafted products are produced fully traditionally and in a socially responsible manner;
  • and: last but not least... the Dame Jeanne brut beers are, of course, also particularly tasty!

A few examples

Dame Jeanne experience

Dame Jeanne experience

1 stylish gift pack consisting of 3 different or 3 identical bottles of Dame Jeanne beers.

Dame Jeanne sensation

Dame Jeanne sensation

Gift pack consisting of 1 bottle of Dame Jeanne of your own choice and 2 glasses bearing the Dame Jeanne logo.

Where can you buy the Dame Jeanne gift baskets?

The Dame Jeanne gift packs are available at quality off-licences in your area. You can see here where they are located.

Do you have a company and are you looking for original business or end-of-year gifts or do you personally distribute gift baskets containing Belgian regional products and are considering purchasing a larger volume? Feel free to contact us or the distributor in your area to discuss possible options.