You can buy our bubbly Belgian beers here

Let us surprise you!

Are you a staunch supporter of Belgian beers or are you prepared to drink something other than the traditional cava or champagne at your reception? In both cases it is well worthwhile to make the effort to just taste the fizzy Dame Jeanne brut beers. These actually combine the typical hop taste of our Belgian beers with the freshness and elegant pearly bubbles of cava and champagne.

Our Belgian brut beers are available at quality off-licences. 1 click on the interactive map below is enough to find the nearest distribution point in your area.

Will you join us in putting Dame Jeanne on the map shortly?

Are you considering selling the Belgian Dame Jeanne beers in your off-licence or reception hall shortly? Then feel free to request a tasting session, no strings attached. We will be only too happy to come and present the Dame Jeanne range to you.